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Canadian employers bear the economic burden of the poor health of their employees

TORONTO, April 24, 2017 /CNW/ - In Canada, about $69.4 billion is spent annually on direct and indirect costs for five key modifiable risk factors – physical inactivity, smoking, excess weight, use of alcohol and low vegetable / fruit consumption. Although Canadians know that they need to lead a healthier lifestyle, they continue to get a failing grade when it comes to reducing their risks for chronic disease. 

Of this enormous cost attributed to these five modifiable risk factors, approximately 70% are indirect, such as premature death and workplace disability costs. In Canada, this represents a major economic burden for employers... View news release

BestLifeRewarded Celebrates Year 6 with an Upgraded Program Rewarding Canadians' Healthy Behaviours

TORONTO, Dec. 14, 2016 /CNW/ - Cookson James Loyalty Inc. (CJL) continues its "coordinated assault" to change the face of healthcare in Canada with the launch of an enhanced version of their leading health behavior change program, now available at https://www.BestLifeRewarded.com. 

Since 2010, Cookson James Loyalty Inc. has successfully partnered with thousands of organizations to change the face of healthcare in Canada. Their BestLifeRewarded platform is the leading Canadian evidence-based health behaviour change program combining popular reward incentives with other proven health behaviour change models... View news release.  

Redeeming Behaviours: The Influence of Incentive-Based Programs on Behaviour Change. New White Paper Now Available.

​TORONTO, June 7, 2016 /CNW/ - Many Canadians probably know that they should improve their health, but find it difficult to shed old habits in circumstances that "conspire" against them. Achieving even a "modest" 1% lower prevalence of smoking, excess weight and physical inactivity would save an estimated $8.5 billion toward the cost of preventable chronic disease in just 15 years.  Because practices such as being active, eating healthfully and giving up smoking rarely bestow immediate gratification that is intrinsically motivated, "... even highly motivated individuals often have difficulty in making decisions in the short term that favor their long-term interests." Thus, offering rewards or incentives as extrinsic motivators may bridge the time needed to internalize the values and benefits of healthy living, and combining rewards with tested behavioural change strategies, create the best conditions for success for improving the health of Canadians...  View news release.

A Canadian First! Results now Published from the First-Ever Study to Examine Incentives in Canadian Healthcare

TORONTO, Sept.  29, 2015 /CNW/ - The University Health Network, the University of Toronto, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Cookson James Loyalty Inc. are pleased to announce the results of the first known study to examine financial health incentives in Canadian healthcare, published this week in the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention. "Study enrollment was higher than expected, but more importantly, 75% of the cardiac rehab patients receiving the financial health incentive said 'it worked'. In addition, and 75% of people said they would sign up for such a program – this number increased to 90% at the end of the study," said Marc Mitchell, PhD, the lead study researcher.​..

BestLifeRewarded Celebrates 5 Years of Rewarding Canadians for their Healthy Behaviours​

​TORONTO, Aug. 7, 2015 /CNW/ - Cookson James Loyalty Inc. (CJL) continues its "coordinated assault" to change the face of healthcare in Canada. In 2010, Cookson James Loyalty, the founders of BestLifeRewarded announced their vision to improve the health of Canadians. Since then, the group has successfully partnered with over 80 organizations to do just that. BestLifeRewarded is the first program to combine popular reward incentives with evidence-based health behaviour change modeling. BestLifeRewarded continues to receive global recognition for its innovative approach... 

Cookson James Loyalty Partners with Green Shield Canada to Launch Change4Life™, an Innovative New Program Rewarding Plan Members for Managing Their Health

TORONTO, May 21, 2015 /CNW/
 - Cookson James Loyalty Inc. (CJL) is pleased to announce its partnership with Green Shield Canada to advance their "coordinated assault" to change the face of health in Canada. CJL's innovative health behavior change platform will serve as a catalyst to drive engagement in Green Shield's unique Change4Life™portal, offering targeted action plans with exciting rewards for members proactively managing their health. 

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