​​Health Promotion Innovation

BestLifeRewarded is an innovative, evidence-based wellness incentive platform with exciting rewards to improve employee engagement and results. Our partners leverage “plug and play” tools ranging from complete white-labelled wellness solutions to basic points and rewards systems for their existing wellness program. BestLifeRewarded® provides organizations with a turnkey solution for employee wellness, including;

  • Comprehensive health risk assessment
  • Personalized health action plans
  • 60+ educational modules
  • 25+ health tracking tools
  • Health reminders
  • Medication reminders
  • “On the go” health tracking apps
  • Personal challenges and “SMART” goal setting
  • Corporate health challenges
  • Lottery, financial and non-financial reward models
  • 200+ customized reward items, with complete fulfillment system
  • Much more!

 “...offering rewards or incentives as extrinsic motivators may bridge the time needed to internalize the values and benefits of healthy living.”

Redeeming Behaviours: The Influence of Incentive-Based Programs on Health Adherence and Behaviour Change, Joan Wharf-Higgins, Ph.D., May 2016

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The BestLifeRewarded® program was designed for one purpose—to promote the well being of its members. Our mission is to get Canada healthy through a "coordinated assault" in collaboration with the leading health promotion experts globally.